About Us

Zirzo Labs is a multi-product company under the brand name-ZIRZO, totally focused on Industrial Chemicals & Auto care products. With innovative R&D techniques followed by Process Validations, Production, Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Zirzo Labs brings out ultimate products to you.

Zirzo Paint Sealant

Zirzo Paint Sealant is hydrophobic polymer formulation provides amazing gloss & water beading. Showcases a noticeably deeper, darker & more reflective paint finish.

Zirzo Wax Polish

Zirzo Wax Polish is a Carnauba wax based which restores your cars shine while protecting from harsh UV rays. Makes your car easier to clean, repels water and adds another protective layer to your paint.

Zirzo Scratch Remover

Zirzo Scratch Remover rubbing compound is formulated to deliver outstanding scratch removal performance and a high gloss finish on all paint types – new or old. Can be used for a wide variety of paint rectification applications.

Zirzo Instant Polish

Zirzo Instant Polish for bikes & cars is used to do quick, superior & effortless cleaning with polish. Restore your bike & car shine while protecting from harsh UV rays. Keeps your Car or Bike looking new.

Zirzo Headlight Shiner

Zirzo Headlight Shiner remove scratches, clears the yellowish coat on the headlight & restore cloudy/dull lenses.

Zirzo Radiator Coolant

Zirzo Radiator Coolant prevents boiling of cooling water. Protects radiator and engine block from rust and corrosion.

Zirzo Degreaser Solvent Base

Zirzo Degreaser (solvent base) is a super concentrated Degreaser, from Zirzo Labs. It is an innovative multi-use and a heavy dirt/grease remover. Powerful and fast, it offers unbeatable performance.

Zirzo Degreaser Surfactant Base

Zirzo Degreaser (surfactant base) is a super concentrated Degreaser, from Zirzo Labs. It is an innovative multi-use and a heavy dirt/grease remover. Powerful and fast, it offers unbeatable performance.

Zirzo Industrial Degreaser

Tough formulation containing a blend of surfactants and non-caustic alkalis to remove grease, oil and other types of stubborn grime from a variety of engine or mechanical surfaces.

Zirzo Car Foam Wash

Zirzo Foam Wash Concentrated Shampoo can be used in Automatic car washing machine, Water pressure foam lance and also in Air pressure foam lance or Foam tank. Thick and effective snow foam is guaranteed. Safe on hands and any coated or uncoated car surfaces.

Zirzo Car Wash

An innovative molecular formula to encapsulate all the dirt from the Car & Bike surfaces.

Zirzo Waterless Wash

Zirzo Waterless Wash formula is a One Easy Step & Go process conveniently and gently washes and adds wax protection in one easy step. Can be used anywhere with no hose, bucket, or rinsing.

Zirzo D-Shiner

D-Shiner Dashboard Polish from Zirzo Labs, can be professionally used for applying on all vinyl, plastic and even rubber parts of car’s interior for glossy shine.

Zirzo Z-Black Tyre/Dashboard Polish

Innovative Oil Free Formulation. Rejuvenates Matte finish on Tyre or Dashboard.

Zirzo Interior Cleaner

Zirzo Car Interior Cleaner perfectly cleans dashboard, door panels, sealing, car seats & also all other washable surfaces inside the car, thus offering a guarantee of total freshness.

Zirzo Wheel Cleaner

Zirzo Wheel Care Cleaner & Polish is a powerful concentrated cleaner tough on grease, grime and brake dust. Safe on all types of wheels it’s a heavy duty cleaner.

Zirzo Windshield Cleaner

Zirzo Glass Cleaner, cleans dirt, bugs and road dust from glass surface without streaking grime. It is safe to use on all types of glasses, plastics and metal parts of vehicle.

Zirzo Techno Wash

This heavy duty Techno Wash soap is tough hand wash. Our formula breaks down grease, grime and gunk to leave your hands. All the moisturizing ingredients prevent skin of all types from drying out and cracking

Zirzo Descale Liquid

Is a highly acidic descaler concentrate containing organic acids for the easy removal of lime scale from kitchen equipment, bathroom taps, utensils, etc.

Food & Pharma Industry wash

A nonionic surfactant which does not leave any residue after clean which helps in cleaning validation.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Highly efficient, non-corrosive formula, spray-on and wipe off, streak free stainless steel surfaces.

Copper And Brass Cleaner

An effective tailor made formulation for cleaning and shining copper and brass equipment in hotels, institutions and homes.

Oven/Grill Cleaner Heavy Duty

Super concentrate, effortlessly cuts through grease, oil and food deposits, reducing cleaning time. Foamy liquid.

Our Services

Third Party Manufacturing

Toiletry and detergent products third party manufacturing.

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Liquid bottle filling, Liquid sachet filling and Primary / Secondary packaging.





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